5-Points Diagnostic Assessment Data Sheet

I'm excited to touch base with you!


To allow me to get an overview of your business and goals, please email me me with the information below. And remember: every information provided is strictly confidential and only used to see how I can help you transition, grow and scale your business.

1.- Design

  • Do you have a solid 3-year Business Plan?

  • Do you have a clear vision of your ideal lifestyle?

  • Do you have a long-term exit strategy for your business?


2.- Plan

  • How are you using your time?

  • Are you focusing on money-making activities or, are you still working on the tools?

  • How effective are your current staffing resources?

3.- Build

  • Do you currently have systems in place to streamline your most critical business functions?

  • Are your employees and member of your family truly supporting your goals or, are they silently or otherwise sabotaging your efforts and growth?

  • Does your current infrastructure support further growth or, holding it back?

4.- Expand

  • The easiest money comes from the diamonds already in your backyard. Are you mining them?

  • Are you plugged-in and networking with people who consistently provide you with quality referrals?

  • Are you timely, proactively and successfully managing your assets to support your financial goals?

5.- Leverage

  • Is your business model sustainable for the next 5 years?

  • Is your business sellable?

  • Are you maximizing your financial resources ?


Personal Information,

Comments, Issues and Concerns



  • Your preferred Email address;

  • Your Full name and Title;

  • Your Preferred Phone Number;

  • Your URL and a list of all relevant social media accounts [If you have multiple URL's, please include all of them and specify the purpose of each one].


  • How long have you been in business?

  • How do you make money?

  • What do you love doing most in your business?

  • What is your top selling product or service?

  • What is your main concern or preoccupation?

  • Is there a product or service you have recently created or launched [or want to create] that you would like to discuss?

  • If so, provide me with a little information on this product or service.


  • What are your top 3 goals or priorities for this year?

  • What are the 3 biggest obstacles preventing you from taking your business to the next level, preventing you reaching your monthly target revenue?

  • How do you envision your preferred future? How many hours a week would you like to commit to work related activities?

  • What is stopping  you from getting where you want to be?

  • What would you like or prefer to speak about or discuss during our time together?

  • Is there anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for providing me with this information!

On receptionI will email you with a reminder and confirmation of the date and time of our virtual meeting and remember: the more open and honest you are with your concerns and goals, the more you will get out of working with me to either grow your business or solve your issues.




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