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Hello Everyone,

Hopefully, you and your business are not affected by the Coronavirus and there is no need for you to read that posting. But, maybe do you know someone or a business that is and desperately looking for assistance.

As you most certainly being aware of, the...

Seven simple steps to protect your cash flow and working capital in challenging times

The COVID-19 virus is just the latest example of how quickly disruption to your business can happen. The current market upheaval in response is a strong reminder of why it is important...

We will we see a full-scale outbreak of the coronavirus across the Globe. Is your business ready to face the outbreak?

Bombarded with information about Covid-19?


I do not want to add to the information overload, but here a few points left to address. I promise I...

 ... and it is never too late to reinvent yourself!

Are you in a perpetual cycle of disappointments, a perpetual cycle of failures and humiliations?

Why waste valuable time?

One of the things that people always forget or misunderstand is that, whatever the situation, you...

“Tomorrow”: a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.”

For most of us, “Procrastination” is King

As we plunge into each day, it is easy to become derailed by trivial and non essential tasks. In fact, we often actively avoi...

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A division of King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation

The coronavirus is changing how we live our daily lives. Taking a look at how the global pandemic has affected various aspects of life in the World reveals the unique nature of this cris...

COVID-19 pandemic: An appropriate course of action

Hello everyone,

At JMD Systemics, a division of King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, we are working hard to keep people safe and informed about the recent outbreak of COVID-19. We know that as member...

You are the only and ultimate source of your own success or your own failure.

Reinvent yourself

What you think and say about yourself invariably and unforgivingly becomes your daily reality. Nobody else other than yourself is responsible for who you are.

You are the only...